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The Emotion, Memory, Pattern Release (EMPR) Method is an innovative framework that can revolutionise your practice and empower your clients on their journey to healing and recovery. Developed over years of intensive work with trauma survivors, EMPR combines ancient wisdom, multidimensional perspectives, and the latest in cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to provide a comprehensive and total transformative approach. We invite you to explore the Six Steps to Trauma Recovery (SSTR), which is the core methodology of the EMPR Method. These steps offer a powerful toolkit that seamlessly integrates mind, body, and energy practices, enabling you to support your clients in addressing their trauma-related symptoms on a holistic level.

The EMPR Method recognises that trauma is not confined to cognitive experiences—it is stored within the body, leading to a complex interplay of physical and emotional symptoms. By incorporating sensory experience, perceptual understanding, language, spirituality, trauma-oriented somatic practices, meditation, and cognitive restructuring, the EMPR Method offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional approaches. One of the remarkable aspects of the EMPR Method is that it allows clients to process and heal from trauma without the need to relive or continually discuss their experiences. Instead, they will discover techniques to identify and release tension, emotions, and sensations associated with trauma, fostering emotional regulation and closure. This approach can provide breakthrough results for clients who may have previously felt stuck or unable to progress in their healing journey.

But the EMPR Method goes even further. It recognizes the intricate web of identity conflicts and value clashes that trauma can trigger. By guiding clients through a process of self-discovery and empowerment, you will help them untangle these complexities and choose new identities aligned with inner peace and strength, as well as new values that enhance their well-being and fulfilment. By integrating the EMPR Method into your practice, you will gain a profound advantage in helping your clients overcome trauma-related challenges. Tailoring treatment to their unique needs and providing a safe and supportive environment, you will equip them with the tools necessary to process their traumatic experiences fully and embark on a transformative healing journey.

"One of the remarkable aspects of The EMPR Method is that it allows clients to process and heal from trauma without the need to relive their experiences"

The Six Steps to Trauma Recovery offers you a roadmap to enhance your therapeutic interventions, coaching strategies, or wellness practices. By incorporating the EMPR Method into your toolkit, you will elevate your ability to achieve breakthrough results for your clients and empower them to find lasting healing, resilience, and empowerment. Get ready to take your practice to new heights as you unlock the transformative potential of the EMPR Method—a method that embodies a truly holistic approach to trauma relief and invites your clients to embrace a future defined by newfound freedom, emotional well-being, and empowered living.

EMPR has been effective with clients who have experienced varying degrees of trauma exposure, single or multiple traumatic events. It has led to decreased symptoms of hyper-vigilance, flashbacks, and nightmares, as well as improved emotional regulation, sleep patterns, and social engagement.
The EMPR approach provides a comprehensive and innovative trauma-informed approach without reliving or discussing the traumatic experience.

In a successful EMPR therapy session:

  • Active, suppressed, and repressed memories and emotions are physically and mentally dissolved.

  • The meaning of painful events is transformed on an emotional and logical level.

  • Deeper internal and external conflicts of the mind formed from past traumatic experiences are addressed, and the client is empowered to understand, own, and resolve the conflicts.

  • Linguistic assumptions, core patterns, and behavioural patterns are highlighted, bringing awareness and observation to the client.

  • Identity conflicts are addressed, dissolved, and new identities are chosen by the client with inner peace and strength.

  • Past values are addressed, unhelpful values are dissolved, and the client is empowered to choose new values.

  • A positive roadmap for the future is created by the client.

  • The client is empowered to free themselves from judgments and expectations and to accept life and situations as they arise instead of exerting control or hating change.

  • Awareness around mind, body, breath, emotions, and intuition is developed, along with tools to maintain the positive changes that have been created.

  • A support system is designed for rehabilitation, customised for each individual.

Manna Abraham

Manna Abraham is a true world visionary of personal growth and self-discovery. As a philosopher, mental architect, mindful entrepreneur, international life mentor & coach, trauma recovery specialist, speaker, and Founder of The Emotion Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) Method and the 27 Dimensions of Being, she has dedicated her life to guiding individuals towards their fullest potential.

She combines ancient wisdom and modern neurosciences to provide a comprehensive approach to recovering from traumatic experiences that goes beyond the limitations of science, religion, spirituality, or philosophy.

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This 12-minute video explains how and why The EMPR Method is so effective at resolving traumatic memories and experiences. Discover why it's essential to work with both the body and the mind, utilising unique techniques to give a whole-being approach to provide lasting change in clients for a complete recovery.

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EMPR Students After Experiencing This Powerful Method

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The Emotion Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) method created by Manna Abraham emphasizes the importance of consistent conscious choice and continuous self-inquiry to resolve debilitating trauma-related symptoms and has been especially successful with front-line workers such as the police, ER health workers and the armed forces,
helping these much-needed professionals to find normality back in their lives.

Conventional talking therapies don’t always address trauma symptoms completely.

EMPR, on the other hand, is a six-step process that incorporates mind, body, and energy. The EMPR method combines sensory experience, language, trauma-oriented cognitive restructuring, and more. Manna's approach is based on the principle that people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are interconnected and that true healing requires addressing all aspects of one’s being.

Client Transformations with EMPR

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This short 7 min video shows the process of an experience, how it becomes a positive or negative emotion and the power you have to stop it from becoming a traumatic memory..

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