You tried everything else including actually becoming a therapist or practitioner yourself and still haven’t resolved it yet.
Give yourself this chance…

Learn the 6 steps of trauma recovery that therapists are now using to rapidly release constant negative thought patterns and emotional triggers in themselves and their clients.


Learn to STOP your constant negative thought patterns and emotional triggers keeping YOU and your clients stuck in the cycle of trauma...

Inside this tutorial, you will discover...

  • WHY you've worked on yourself for years, yet YOU are still stuck with your own emotional traumatic memories.

  • WHY you keep learning more and more modalities and justify it by telling yourself "I'm a lifelong learner" or "I'm always looking for better results for my clients".

  • WHY you're getting burnt out or suffering from compassion fatigue.

  • Why you need a whole being approach to recovery, healing the mind, body & energy.

Real People, Real Stories, Real Results...

Manna Abraham specialises in rapidly releasing trauma in clients through 1:1, Groups and Residential programs. Using her unique background in business and analytical skills, Manna developed the EMPR Method - a comprehensive approach that addresses both the mind and body to achieve lasting results.

With her method, clients can often resolve their issues in less than an hour. Manna emphasises that healing is an outcome of who you are, not what you do, and trains therapists and coaches to operate from a pure space to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. As a go-to expert in her field, Manna's clients benefit from her unique and comprehensive approach.

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Manna Abraham